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Alternative Therapy

Client Experiences

In their own words

My Mayumi Magic Experience had powerful potency and anchored me deeply into the peace of being exactly where I am, deep in myself, even in the midst of a challenging transition and becoming. The oracle card reading at the beginning was on point! Her Reiki session with the BEMER mat relaxed me so much that even with 9 hours of sleep and 2 cups of coffee I sank into unconsciousness. I came out of the session feeling centered, balanced, and grateful.

Thank you, sister, for helping me heal and prepare for my next becoming! 🦋 I highly recommend you!!!

~ Emily

🙌🙌 Thank you for the amazing session dear goddess Mayumi :) it left me with an uplifted heart 💜 and joyful spirit -) I learned that I’m already blessed with what I desire - you helped me to embody the deep knowing and the wisdom we carry in our hearts by taking me through a magical path of your healing universe -) it was pure magic 🪄 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 so much fun 🤩!!!!! Highly recommend 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

~ Shani

Being new to my healing journey, my experience with Mayumi was so warm, welcoming, and beautiful. I was welcomed with a hug and a blissful space. We sat down and talked about life, goals, and manifestations. We drew cards, spoke on them. Read the energy of them and was guided into the reiki session effortlessly. This wasn’t a normal session, this also included the BEMER, which is a bio electric magnetic energy mat which helps the core electromagnetic waves of the body to balance. Think of a double healing if you will!

I felt a sense of comfort knowing I’m going towards the right direction. The feedback was spot on from the energy she was able to read from my body. The things we spoke about before leading up to the session was heightened. Finishing up our session with a cocao ceremony for grounding was the thing I never knew I needed. This was such an incredible experience. I’d totally go back for another session! Thank you a million!

~ Kim

I felt a deep connection with Mayumi during our reiki session.  There was palpable energy moving from her through me.  My hands and heart were alive and open, and I felt a luminosity coming from me that I’ve never felt before.  Would highly recommend anyone to connect with her, as I felt I was beaming with the energy of the universe afterwards.

~ Anabel

The Mayumi Magic Experience completely shifted the flow of blood in my body from racing, frenetic and hot to slow, calm and chill. 

I had been racing around all day preparing for a huge transition. I could feel the adrenaline racing into every cell throughout my body. My blood felt hot and I could really feel the movement as I ticked off action items in my head.

With the first card pull, I felt much more relaxed and shifted into being more present in the current moment. The slow movement, the reiki energy work, the was all so amazing. I could feel the transformation slowly wash through my body. I soon felt more grounded and spiritually energized.

I love how Mayumi used many modalities to support me in feeling like an overall brand new human being! It was definitely needed at the time. I feel fortunate that I had the Mayumi Magic Experience that will stay with me into the future!

~ Nikki

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